I was very touched when Danielle Reeder of Danielle Reeder Photography contacted me to photograph an afternoon of their London family holiday.  She was looking for photographs that not only documented their time in London, but most importantly, included her in the images too. Photographers are very rarely in their own family images. We are the missing shadow from the photographs, and at the end of each holiday, I count myself lucky if there is at least one that includes me.

I have to confess I was just a little nervous photographing someone from within the industry.  But I needn’t have worried as the day came, and meeting her was like meeting an old friend.  We spoke the same language, and if I didn't have a camera in my hand, I could have chatted for hours.  

We met at their beautiful Notting Hill apartment on a blisteringly hot summer evening.   Like all mum's Danielle was worried that her daughter was not behaving, but she was a lively, energetic and absolutely delightful little girl.  Exactly as I expect all 4 year olds on holiday to be.  As the evening drew to a close and the sun started to dip, we headed down to a local London park to catch the few last rays of sunshine.  It was a perfectly dreamy, balmy evening.  

If you would like to document your family holiday in London do get in touch.  I would love to hear from you!


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