I am a natural light and lifestyle photographer.

I will occasionally direct you, but not often.

This is because I believe the unscripted moments in life reveal true magic.

Nothing can beat the joy of an unguarded smile, or a natural laugh.

I like to photograph families doing what they love.

It lets me capture candid moments of lives shared together.

Don't worry about how to be, or what to do.

Just be yourself and let’s reveal the 

grace and beauty that makes you, you.


What to wear


Wear what you love, something that makes you feel comfortable.

Choose colours that inspire and energise you that you will be happy to see on your walls.

Add layers and texture with jewellery, scarves and sweaters – they look great on camera.

Some thoughtful co-ordinatation is good but avoid artificial sameness and overt branding.  

I want to capture you as you are!