During a recent  holiday I got to try out my new waterproof camera bag which was a little Christmas present to myself.  All wildly exciting!   It has opened up a whole new world of challenges.  I discovered quickly that you have little control in the water, and it’s difficult to see what you are shooting at all. It’s an invitation to just let it all go, and hope like mad that there are a few decent shots to work with.  Which is a bit like freelensing (Freelensing is when you take the lens OFF the camera to shoot.  Crazy right?).  Another challenge underwater is that it’s difficult to breathe.  Next time I really need to find a snorkel.  Taking the photos is only half the story as editing them also takes a fair amount of know-how and fiddling to get the colours looking right.  It’s just a start, and is oddly addictive.  I’m looking forward to my next beach holiday.  May the pools will be crystal clear and the sun sparkling, so that I can practice this all again.

I am part of a photographers blog circle which keeps me inspired and motivated to post at least once a month.  When you have finished here be sure to have a look at the amazing contribution by Billie Leatham:  http://www.billiemaephotography.com/billiemaeblogs/2017/1/29/bright-splash-park